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Patchwork Make-Up Bag Tutorial

 Patchwork Cosmetic Bag /  Make-Up Bag. Sewing ideas. Step by step illustration DIY tutorial.

Cosmetic bag size 10x20x7cm.

 First you need to make a pattern. Sizes can be made absolutely any. The main thing is to keep the proportions. Such parts will need 2 pieces. And it is not at all necessary to make the front of the shreds of fabric. You can immediately carve out a solid detail from one fabric and decorate it at will. But we are not looking for simple ways :) I changed everything and used this pattern only for the lining.
 For a cosmetic bag I needed these patterns.
2 squares: 10x10 and 5x5 cm.

 A large square was needed for an embroidered motif. I left 1 cm on each side for allowances.
 Here the main thing was to place the motive in the center.
 And on the small square I did the rest of the handbag. Also on allowances left 1 cm.
 Such squares took 12 pieces. Of the four types of fabric, three squares each.
 Squares stitched together. At first I sewed them into horizontal stripes, and then sewed these stripes together. All seams are well ironed.
 The motif part was sewn like this: I stitched two squares between each other, and the resulting rectangles were stitched together with the motif. All seams are well ironed. I got 2 large rectangles with the size of 20x10 cm.
 Now I needed to cut out the rectangles for the side parts of the cosmetic bag. I cut out a rectangle of 30x7 cm from a single-colored fabric (1 cm for the allowances). A second rectangle of the same size, but with a zipper and lined.
 Everything is simple: on both sides of the zipper sewn rectangles of size 5x30. From here on the allowances left for 1cm. And 1cm gave the zipper lock. The result was a rectangle of 7x30 and + 1 cm per allowance. On both sides of the zipper, she made the stitching.
 Here, now I have connected all these parts, the seams are ironed. And I got the part that you could just cut on the pattern from the same fabric. By the way, I decided to round the corners. But I want to warn you that it will be much easier to sew if the corners are left straight. There are a lot of hassles with rounded corners ... Especially if fabrics with straight lines are chosen (all the flaws of the seam on them are very noticeable).
 The fabric is sealed with a woven interfacing cut from a pattern without allowances.
 The pattern is transferred to the fabric for the lining.
 Cut out this bag detail.
 Folded between the two main parts of the bag face outward. Stitched the side parts of the face to each other, while inserting a strap between them.
 Do the same with the other side.
 Edge treated bias binding.
 Now I have sewed together all the sides of the cosmetic bag. As I said, I had to suffer with the corners.
 And handled all the edges with an bias binding manually (to avoid unnecessary tucks on the front of the cosmetic bag).

 Turned out and carefully straightened all the corners. On the zipper lock she tied a red waxed cord. That's all, the cosmetic bag is ready !!!

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