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Pin Cushion Tutorial

 How to sew a pincushion using a fabric with a symmetrical pattern.

Make a square with a side of 9 cm from transparent plastic, draw a diagonal of the square with a marker - this is the axis of symmetry. Transfer all symbols to the template. Putting the piece on the fabric, pick the piece you like, circle the piece with a pencil and cut out the first piece.

Cut out 8 of these parts, finding on the fabric fragments identical to the first.

Fold each square on the axis of symmetry with the front side inward and sew all the open sides of the resulting triangle, leaving a small hole for inversion. Trim the fabric at all angles.

Turn out and fill the gasket, sew the left hole with a secret seam.

Do the same with the rest of the squares.

I decided to decorate the top of the Octopus needle bed with not a decorative button, but a small round needle bar in the shape of a ball. To do this, I took a flat button and wrapped it with a cloth, placing seven layers of gasket material under the fabric.

Using a needle, pass the threads through points A and points B on all 8 triangles.

Tie the ends of each thread tightly pulling them together. So it looks like the bottom of the pincushion .

It is better to start from the top of the pincushion. Do not cut the thread. At this stage, it is possible to attach a small pincushion with this thread. When the lower part of the large needle bed is tightened, you can sew a small pincushion with a seam better.


  1. So cute! My machine is packed for moving so I am saving this for later
    !!! So beautiful.

  2. Vraiment joli, j'ai très envie d'essayer. Merci our ce tuto !

  3. Vraiment joli, j'ai très envie d'essayer. Merci pour ce tuto !