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Coin Purse Zipper Pouch

Coin Purse Zipper Pouch
 Mini Zippered Pouch.Quick and easy gift ideas. DIY Tutorial
Mini Zippered Pouch.Quick and easy gift ideas. DIY Tutorial

For sewing case we need:

     fabric for the outside;
     lining fabric;
     zip fastener;
     bulk non-woven or synthetic winterizer;
     rep tape;
     a blank for the case (I used a blank with a diameter of 7.5 cm).

Sewing machine in the manufacture of the case is not needed, all the seams are hidden, made by hand.

Operating procedure

Cut out a round piece from sintepon with a diameter slightly larger than the size of the workpiece. We smear the workpiece with glue. We connect the workpiece and sintepon.

We cut out a detail from the main fabric, a circle of a slightly larger diameter than a circle from a synthetic winterizer. Stitch the entire length of the circle.
We stretch the thread and fasten.
Do the same with the second part.

Fix the ends of the zipper.

Cut a small piece of fabric (we take the same fabric as for the outer part of the case) and press as shown in the photo.
Sew the item to the zipper. This seam can be performed on a sewing machine, and you can also manually, a secret seam, as in the photo.
We now turn to sewing the zipper to the main part. In order that the seam was smooth, the sewing line can be applied with a self-fading marker.
With a secret seam we sew the main part and zipper. We make a seam around the entire circumference of the part. Cut off an extra piece of zipper.
Making a decorative loop of rep ribbon. We put it between the zipper and the rectangular part. We sew.
Sew the zipper and the second part.
We proceed to the lining of the case. Fabric lining cutouts detail. The size of the part is slightly larger than the size of the blank for the case.
 Such details need 2 pieces.
We sew around the entire circle and tighten the thread in the same way as with the external part.
We sew the lining and zipper with a secret seam.
Do the same with the second lining detail.
Coin Purse Zipper Pouch
The case is ready!
Coin Purse Zipper Pouch
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