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Wristlet Clutch Purse Bag Tutorial

 This Clutch is a quick sew,the instructions are clear and with many pictures,perfect for beginners.
Is great for meeting friends for lunch or a night,when you only need a few items.

3 different FQ of fabric :   
-Fabric A and B for the exterior  
-Fabric C for the lining  
-Light weight/medium woven fusible interfacing - Pellon SF101- Vilene G700  
-Fusible fleece interfacing – Vilene H630-Headliner or Decovil Light  
-Wristlet strap- 3” x  21”of exterior fabric B   
(if you use a thin fabric put a interfacing)  
-Erasable Marking Pen  
-(1) 9”zipper 
-Rotary Cutter or Scissors  
-1 eyelet   
-Eyelet setter anvil  
-(1) 3/4” metal swivel hook


When printing set scaling to “none” or “100%” in your print properties. A 1” (2.5 cm) test square is included with the pattern pieces 

The pattern pieces include SA


Sewing Tips: 

Seam allowance: is 1/4”(7 mm), unless otherwise specified. 

WST/WS: an abbreviation that stands for Wrong Side Together OR Wrong Side which indicates which way the fabric should face. 

RST/RS: an abbreviation that stands for Right Side Together OR Right Side which indicates which way the fabric should face .

Basting Stitch: Sewing using a longer stitch length. 

Topstitch : Sewing using a longer stitch length.

- Cut out all paper pattern pieces along the solid black lines. On the wrong side of the fabric, trace and cut the pieces from the exterior fabric and lining fabric, as instructed on each pattern piece.

-Cut the interfacing and fleece using the dashed lines of the pattern pieces.

- For the body align and fuse the interfacing and the fleece.  Be sure there is 1/4" seam allowance around each of these with no stabilisers for reducing the bulk in the finished wristlet.

Making  the exterior pocket 

- Place the lining and the exterior fabric for the pocket piece right sides together, aligning all of the edges.

-Stitch a 1/4" seam along the curved edge.

-Make small notches in the curved area so that when turned, the fabric will lay flat.

-Turn right side out and press.Make a  topstitch around 1/8” from the edge and also 1/4"(optional)

- Place the pocket on the front of the outer fabric aligning the bottom edge and sides.  Stitching through all layers, attach the pocket to the front using a 1/8" seam allowance down the side, across the bottom and up the other side. 

-as shown in picture

-Place your pattern piece on the fabric

-and transfer the dashed line with an erasable marker

-and making a seam up and down

Insert the zipper   
- Fold the zipper tabs in half and press, place the zipper on the tab and mark the zipper ends leaving a 8”, topstitch along the edge of the zipper tab with a 1/8” seam allowance.

- Now to install the zipper.
The zipper teeth should be face down on the right side of the pouch. Then, place the lining over the zipper, right side toward the right side of the pouch and stitch.  There may be a small amount of fabric from the tabs overhanging the sides, just make the zipper central and this will be trimmed later.

- Turn fabrics away from zipper (the fabrics should be wrong side together) and topstitch 1/8”and also 1/4".Trim the excess fabric from the zipper ends level with the sides.

- Turn the body and lining wrong sides together and repeat for the other side of the pouch. Now unzip the zipper at least half of the way.

- Place the lining pieces right sides together matching up the seams.  For the zipper ends fold the seams towards the lining and the zipper tab towards the outside. You can see in the picture that the tab is pointing toward the outside of the pouch and pin.

- Sew around all the edges with a ¼ inch seam allowance, leaving a 4" opening in the lining to turn the pouch.

-It should look like this.

-Next, clip the corners, being careful not to clip into the seam line.

-From the opening we left earlier, turn your work right side out

- Arrange by hand all corners, use a knitting needle to get the corners as neat and straight as possible. Press the opening in the lining and then sew it closed with a very small seam allowance.

-Gather the parts you will need to install the eyelets (setter anvil).

- Mark the spot where you want to place the eyelets.

-Use the puncher and hammer to make a hole.

- it should be looking like this.

- Using the setter, insert the  eyelet/grommet through the hole and hammer gently.

-Your pouch is done!

- Now get out your folded strap piece. 

Following the images on the right, first fold the strap in half lengthwise. Press. Then unfold.  Fold one side to the centre and press and then do the same with the other side and press.  You will now have a strap that has each long side folded to the centre and then each side folded to each other again.

- Thread the strap through the swivel clip and let it sit in the middle for now
- Take the short ends of your strap, unfold them, and with right sides touching and lined up. Stitch along edge 1/4”. Press seam open, then fold again. You should now have closed strap. 

- Now we top stitch 1/8" along the edges of both sides moving the swivel out of the way when needed.
- Lastly, stitch across the strap near swivel clip to keep it from moving around.
- Place the hole of the eyelets and is ready. 

When you have completed your pouch.

Wristlet Clutch Purse Bag Tutorial


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