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Drawstring Bag for Kids Tutorial

Need a quick and fun bag for kids who need to party? Dino Party! is a bright drawstring bag that is just the right size for party favours, an eco-friendly gift wrap or a trick or treat goodie bag. 

Finished size is 8” x 9.5”

 *A quarter inch seam allowances has been used unless otherwise stated.  Iron all your fabric before starting.

What you need
Fat quarter of light fabric – bag front and back.
Small piece of medium/dark fabric at least 5” x 9” – bag base
Fat quarter- lining
28 inches of ribbon - drawstring
Small amount of visofix and scraps of fabric/wool felt and thread for the appliqué
Small amount of dmc stranded embroidery thread in dark brown and a hand sewing needle.

Cutting Out  
From the light fabric cut 2 x 8½”x 8” rectangles – bag front and back From the medium/dark fabric cut 1 x 8½”x 4½” rectangle – bag base 1 x 8½”x 19½”” rectangle – bag lining  

Bag Construction

Sew the 8½”x 8” bag front rectangle to the top of the bag base pattern panel.  
Sew the 8½”x 8” bag back rectangle to the bottom of the bag base panel.  Press.  
I prefer to iron my seams open.

Print out your appliqué template

Onto visofix, trace the appliqué pieces leaving a gap between each shape for cutting out.  Following the manufactures directions fuse the visofix to the wrong side of the fabric scraps.  Cut around the shapes. 

Adding the appliqué shapes   Fold the bag front in half length ways.  Using the photo as a guide, place the dinosaur on the bag front, being careful to leave at least half an inch from the right edge of the fabric for the seam allowance.  Iron the dinosaur appliqué into place using a warm dry iron.

Applique the shapes using your favourite method.  I used the raw edge method by sewing close to the edge of the applique shape with my sewing machine.  Using a hand or machine buttonhole stitch will also work well.

Using the same method,  arrange and attach the spots as shown.   With two strand of dark brown thread embroider the mouth with a few back stitches and create the eye with a French knot.  

Bag Construction continued 

 With right sides together, fold the bag front in half length ways.  Match the seams along the bag base.  Along one side edge mark a point 1” down, and again at 1½ down leaving a half inch gap between your pins.  This is the opening of the casing for your drawstring.

Sew along the two long sides the bag, leaving a gap between the pins and the top open.  Clip corners and turn.  Use a pointy ended chop stick or paintbrush to gently ease the corners out.  Press.


 Construct the bag lining by sewing along both sides of the bag, leaving a 3” gap in one side for turning.  Press

Place the bag inside the bag lining with the right sides facing and the top edges and seams aligned.  Stitch around the top of the bag.

Turn the bag right way out though the gap in the lining.  Push the lining into the bag and press.     


With the front of your bag facing, mark a line ¾” down from the bag top.  Mark another line 1¼ down from the bag top. Repeat with the back of the bag.  Sew all the way around the bag on the marked lines.  This will form the casing.

Using a safety pin, thread your drawstring through the casing.  Tie the ends together in a firm knot.

 Give your bag a good press and slip stitch the opening in the lining closed.  Ready to fill with goodies and enjoy the party!
Drawstring Bag for Kids Tutorial


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