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DIY Envelope Clutch (iPad/Tablet Case) Tutorial

 If you can imagine sewing a napkin and decorating it with stickers you can create this simple envelope wrap for your dearest iPad. Or perhaps your Valentine’s iPad?

 Gather Materials:

2- fat quarters prints for the inside and outside (we used Yuwa prints found in our shop)

1- 17.5 x 17.5 inch piece of batting or flannel (pre-washed if that’s your thing)

Velcro (I used a self-adhesive kind)

the usual sewing et ceteras: pins, sewing machine, thread, water soluble marker, scissors, cutting board, and a poke-y tool


Place your fabric down on a cutting surface in the following order: outer fabric print side up, inner fabric print side down, and batting layer on top. Line edges up to minimize wasted fabric and cut the layers to 17.5 x 17.5 inches. Pin around the perimeter.

Mid-way along any side, place two pins specifically with a three inch space between them to remind you to stop and start.

With a 1/4 inch seam allowance, begin sewing along the edges. Remember to stop three inches short of closing the gap.

Turn the whole thing right side out.

With great care, gently push corners out using a poke-y tool (knitting needle, chopstick, drum stick, bone folder). Square it up and give it a nice press. Pay special attention to the un-sewn opening, line up edges and press the seams inside. Pin the seams together to remind yourself to keep the edges aligned when sewing around the edges.

Starting anywhere along the square, edgestitch around the perimeter (1/8 an inch allowance, or whatever you are comfortable with). Backstitch once you have gone all the way around.
Take your now 17 inch square to a flat surface with your Tablet and place the it somewhere in the middle. Practice folding an envelope so you know exactly where the fabric will fold up (fold up bottom edge, then left, then right). An asymmetrical look would be lovely though we opted for symmetrical.

Trim a few Velcro pieces the same size (we used two sets of two inch pieces, one set of 1 inch pieces). The soft pieces will go on the inner liner fabric where they may come in contact with the Tablet while the rough pieces will be attached to the outer fabric.

Using a water soluble marker you may wish to mark the general places where you would like the Velcro to line up. This is subjective, based on how loosely  you prefer to fold and where your edges line up. I found it convenient to place the Velcro close to the edges of the corner flaps.

Once you are satisfied with placement, peel adhesive protectors off of Velcro and begin placing in areas corresponding to the photos. I lightly placed the rough piece to the soft side of the Velcro then pushing it down above its final position; after placement, I gently pulled the soft Velcro away leaving the rough in its final resting place. Sew the Velcro pieces to the fabric square, a couple of pieces will line up so you can sew through a rough and soft piece of Velcro together (see below).

Verify working placement of all pieces.

For the top envelope flap I decided to use a piece of scrap on the other side of the sewn soft velcro. It’s a simple reminder of where to place the iPad for easiest folding/securing in the future {and what simple project does not benefit from patchwork?}. Sew through the velcro pieces and fabric square.

Cute and finished!

I’ve got an idea! You could use quilting scraps and other patchwork to make the outer layer and then quilt the whole thing. Genius, right!

DIY Envelope Clutch (iPad/Tablet Case) Tutorial


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