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Rowan Shopping Bag Tutorial & Pattern

Rowan Shopping Bag Tutorial & Pattern

Grocery Bag DIY. Tutorial + Free Pattern


Two selections from the Rowan collection 42" (110 cm) wide
Fabric 1: Rowan Casbah-BM01 Dusk - Art. QBM0100-DUSKX40" (100 cm)
Fabric 2: Rowan Fish Lips-BM07 Pastel - Art. QBM0700-PASTE 25" (65 cm)
Strong fusible batting 36" (90 cm) wide 50" (125 cm)
Matching thread (from Coats)
1 cover button with flexible button maker in diameter 1" (23 mm)
Inlay to stabilize bottom of bag - piece of medium weight cardboard 3¾ x 14½" (9,5 x 37 cm)

General Instructions

Fabric shrinkage is possible. Pre-wash and steam iron all fabrics.
½" (1 cm) seam allowance is included.
Turning right side out: This refers to sewing together two identically cut pieces (sometimes with batting) leaving an opening in the center of one side. Trim corners. Gently poke out corners (e.g. with a letter opener). Turn through opening. Turn under seam allowance on opening and blindstitch.
Decorative zig-zag-stitches are 1/8" long, 1/8" wide and 1/8" form the edge.

Rowan Shopping Bag Tutorial & Pattern


Refer to diagrams 1-4

Piece A 16 x 19" (40 x 48 cm) cut 4 x from fabric 1 cut 2 x from batting

Iron batting onto wrong sides of 2 fabric pieces

Piece B 4 x 19" (10 x 48 cm) cut 4 strips from fabric 2 cut 4 strips from batting

Iron batting onto wrong sides of fabric pieces

Piece C = outside pocket 7¼ x 7½" (18 x 19 cm) cut 2 x from fabric 2 cut 1 x from batting

Iron batting onto wrong side of 1 fabric piece

Piece D = straps for handle 6½ x 21" (16 x 54 cm) cut 2 strips from fabric 2 3¼ x 21" (8 x 54 cm) cut 2 strips from batting

Iron a batting strip centered on the wrong side of a fabric strip (diagram 1). Repeat for second strap.

Covering for cardboard inlaid piece leave a space as above a rectangle 8½ x 15½" (12 x 39 cm) from fabric 1

Rowan Shopping Bag Tutorial & Pattern



Referring to diagram 1, sew the 2 pocket fabric pieces C together and turn right side out (see general instructions). Zig-zag along side c. Place pocket 2½" (6,75 cm) from edge e and centered onto a fabric piece A with batting. Baste. Zig-zag the sides and bottom. Sew both A pieces with batting right sides together on sides and bottom.

Refer to diagram 2. Form the bag to make a flat bottom. Fold at both ends, sew 4" (10 cm). Repeat for other corner. Turn bag right side out.

For the lining, sew the remaining 2 A pieces and form the bottom as instructed for the bag. Insert lining into the bag with wrong sides together along side e.

Referring to diagram 3, fold the long sides of D over the batting strip and press. Now fold in half and press. Zig-zag both long sides. Repeat for second strap.

Referring to diagrams 4 and 5, place two strips of fabric B right sides together and stitch both short sides, forming a ring. Iron the seam allowance open. Repeat with the other two strips. Place rings right sides together matching seams. For the front, between the rings, insert the short ends of a handle along the upper edge b and 4½" (7 cm) from the sides. Repeat for the back of bag. Sew along b, catching the handles in the seam. Turn right side out. Press the open seam allowance ½" (1 cm) to wrong side. Slip bag ½" (1 cm) deep between border pieces B matching markings. Iron. Pin. Zig-zag-stitch and iron again.

Inlay Cover (reinforcement for bottom of bag):

Fold fabric piece right sides together along the long side and sew a short and the long side together. Turn right side out. Press the seam allowance on open end inwards. Slip in cardboard. Sew open end closed. Whip-stitch to inside bottom of bag.


Cover the button using fabric 1 according to package directions. Sew button onto front of pocket.


Rowan Shopping Bag Tutorial & Pattern


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