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Banner Tote Bag Tutorial

Banner Tote Bag Tutorial

A simple and quick sewing project which recycles old banners into attractive tote bags – can be used for all reasons and seasons!

Materials List

Measuring Tape
Marking chalk/ Ink marker
Nylon thread
Used banner
Bag strap

and a sewing machine of course !

Banner Tote Bag Tutorial

STEP - 1

Take a rectangular piece of used banner.

Mark and cut a piece measuring 35” x 16”.

STEP - 2

Prepare a cardboard pattern ( 16.5” x 4.5”).

This is for the sides of the bag.

Tip - The width of the bag can be adjusted at this step.
For a wide bag, increase the length from 4.5”.

STEP - 3

Use this pattern to mark and cut two pieces from the banner.

Banner Tote Bag Tutorial

STEP - 4

Fold the edge of shorter side of the piece.

Make a second fold and stitch over it.

Repeat this for the other piece.

STEP - 5

Double fold the edge of the big rectangular piece and stitch it.

Start stitching the edges of the main piece to the sides, inside out.

STEP - 6

Try to make the corners sharp, by rotating the sides with the needle point inside.

Repeat this for the other side of the bag.

STEP - 7

Now, invert the bag and it will look like this.

Stitch over the edges to give it a better shape.

Banner Tote Bag Tutorial

Banner Tote Bag Tutorial

STEP - 8

The length of the handles will be about 30” each.

Mark the center and place the handles about 8” apart.

Now, attach the handles on both sides. Stitch a rectangle with a cross inside to fasten the handle.

Banner Tote Bag Tutorial

The bag is ready!

Banner Tote Bag Tutorial


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