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How to fix hole in crotch of jeans

How to fix hole in crotch of jeans

So…my jeans always wear holes in the crotch area. Every time. *sigh* They look like new everywhere else, but the spot where my thighs rub together when I walk rips and frays after a lot of wear. So annoying.

You can fix it though – my technique is super simple and a little bit rough, but it works for me and I’ve used this method on several pairs with great success.

You need: Your sewing machine, coordinating thread, a small scrap of neutral coloured cotton or coordinating denim.

How to fix hole in crotch of jeans

Turn your jeans inside out.

Trim your scrap to size so it fits over the top of the tear with extra fabric around all sides.

Secure with a couple of small pins if you need to.

How to fix hole in crotch of jeans

Stitch the cotton patch over the top of the tear. Stitch one end to the other, pivot and sew a few stitches, then pivot again and go all the way back along the tear.

Repeat LOADS of times (25-40 times) to ensure the tear and the frayed edges are all secure under the lines of stitching.

Be careful with all the pivoting that you don’t accidentally stitch over more than one layer and sew the leg of your jeans together. (I’m guilty of this!)

Turn your jeans back in the right way and look at your repair. Make sure it feels secure and reinforces all the frayed edges.

How to fix hole in crotch of jeans

Trim any excess fabric from the cotton patch. I use pinking shears to minimise fray.

Is it a pretty repair job? Not at all. But the stitching gives the worn fabric additional strength so it will last. Being located at the crotch or inner thigh means that no one will see the repair when you are wearing them.

I’ve also fixed fabric tears in corduroy using this method.

I hope this tutorial helps you save your favourite pair of jeans!

How to fix hole in crotch of jeans


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