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Library Tote Bag Tutorial

Library Tote Bag Tutorial

I made this library tote to manage my book mountain.  This is a fast and easy project.  It would be great for beginners on up.

When I go to the library, I usually end up with a stack of books that looks something like this. Gets a little difficult to carry when you add kids into the equation.

Library Tote Bag Tutorial

Start with 1/2 yard of fabric for the tote itself and 1/4 yard of fabric for the handles. Cut the handle piece in half lengthwise and the tote fabric into 2-14x19 inch rectangles.

Iron one 19 inch end over then over again on both rectangles. Topstitch it down.

Fold your handle pieces in half lengthwise and press.  Stitch down the long end.

Turn both handles right side out and press.

Pin the handles to the tote.  The raw edges of the handles should line up with the raw edges of the tote, so you'll have an upside-down "U" shape.  Measure so that both your handles are 5 inches from the outside edge of your tote. Do the same with the other handle and tote piece.

Topstitch all around the handles to secure them to the tote. I did two rows of stitching to make them secure.

Match up your two tote pieces right sides together. Sew down both sides and along the bottom of the tote.

To give your tote some room to hole a pile of books, first cut out a 2-inch square piece from the bottom corners of your tote.

Pinch the edges together and pin in place.  Sew it shut.

Library Tote Bag Tutorial

Now go to the library and fill your tote with books. Even better, you now have your hands free to grab your baby before he or she sends every book in the library toppling to the floor.

Library Tote Bag Tutorial


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