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Bunny Slippers Tutorial + Pattern

Bunny Slippers Tutorial + Pattern
Bunny Slippers Sewing Pattern + Tutorial Baby sizes Instant Download PDF.
Bunny Slippers Tutorial + Pattern

Click on the PDF and save yourself two hours of trying to create slippers and just sew them. I do apologize, my kids aren't babies anymore and I'm not an experienced pattern drafter. So what you will find are only two sizes. You will find what I am going to call a 4/5 (my girls wear a shoe size of 10/11), and a 2 (Little Dude is going into a 7). Hopefully for some of you these will be perfect, and hopefully some of you can work with what I have and make them smaller/larger.

Link to download PDF Pattern

Here is our need list and piece list all in one (forgot to take a pic along the way).

What you will need:
- Lining fabric
- Main fabric
- Scissors
- Buttons or felt or knit scraps
- Fabric adhesive spray
- 1/4 inch elastic
- Sewing machine and all that stuff

Please not: You should use fabrics that will not fray as there will be edges that will be unfinished.

Piece List:
Using the pattern pieces in the PDF file cut as described. You should have what you see above, other than you should have 8 bunny ears out of the main fabric, not 4. Also, I forgot to add seam allowance to the bunny ear piece so cut about 1/4 inch larger on all sides than the piece is.

Please note: I used a thick no pill fleece to line my slippers and used a thick faux suede for my main fabric. If you are using thinner materials you should cut your pattern pieces slightly smaller. Especially the foot pieces, cut them narrower to accomodate your fabric choices. I had to make a couple of test slippers before these to make them a  good fit for my fabrics and my kiddos and these are my final pieces based on my fabric choices.

Start by taking your heel pieces. With your main fabric piece and lining piece right sides together sew along the long edge using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Flip your main fabric piece over so that the seam is inside and your fabrics are now wrong sides together. Topstitch along the long edge approx 1/8 inch in.

Now, using the outside of your presser foot as a guide, line it up agains your topstitching line and sew along the long edge. This will be your casing. Set aside.

Let's do the ears. Right sides together sew together using a 1/4 inch seam allow. I hope you remembered to make your pattern piece bigger or your ear will be skinny and small! Clip the point on the tops and turn right side out.

Topstitch around as close to the edge as possible. Set aside.

Grab your toe pieces and decorate the faces on your bunnies. Use your imagination. Buttons, ribbon, felt, knit scraps. It's all fair game.

Now grab your toe pieces. Right sides toegther pin the main and lining fabric together with two of your ears sandwiched between. Sew along the wide edge. Don't be weirded out that you can't see the stitching from me putting the bunny face on. I almost sewed this together before putting her face on! Luckily I caught my mistake and put her face on first.

Turn right side out and topstitch along edge.

Grab your sole pieces. Using fabric adhesive put your main fabric and lining fabric together wrong sides together. The adhesive will just make these stick together and make it easier to sew. If you don't have it I'm sure you'll manage.

Right sides together, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew the toe of your slipper to the sole as shown. To make this easier mark the midpoint of your toe, and sole. Match up and then pin all around before sewing. We are going to use bigger seam allowance as this makes it easier to make sure you don't miss any layers.

mark the midpoint of your heal piece and attach in the same way using the 1/2 inch seam allow.

Now, looking at the front of your slipper, make two marks in the middle about the height of your heel casing and rip with your seam ripper. Be careful to only go through the lining fabric!! You will insert your elastic though these holes.

Bunny Slippers Tutorial + Pattern

Cutting a length of 1/4 inch elastic and using a safety pin thread through the casing and through the holes you just created. Pull to the tightness you want and cut elastic to size and sew ends together. Turn your slipper right side out! Don't forget to finish your other slipper!

Bunny Slippers Tutorial + Pattern


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