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Boxy Travel Pouch Tutorial

1/4 yard Laminated cotton
1/4 yard Kona cotton
1/4 yard fusible fleece
14″ zipper

Step 1:
Cut two 9″x 13″ rectangles of fusible fleece, Kona solid and laminated cotton.
cut two 2″x7″ rectangles of laminated cotton
Step 2:
Iron on fusible web to each 9″x13″ Kona solid rectangle
Step 3:
Place zipper right side facing the right side of laminated cotton and then place right side of Kona cotton facing laminated cotton with zipper sandwiched in middle.  Pin in place and stitch down across top.
Step 4:
Repeat step 3 on other of zipper.
Step 5:
Iron down sewn seams.  Be careful to only iron on cotton side. (Do not iron on laminated side)
Step 6:
Top stitch along side of zipper on each side.  You will be sewing through all  3 layers (laminated, kona and zipper)  You do not even need a zipper foot for this project since it is an exposed zipper look.
Quick tip* To make top stitching laminated cotton easier just tape a piece of scotch tape to bottom of sewing machine foot to help the fabric slide under presser foot.
Step 7:
Fold at zipper with laminated sides facing each other and pin all layers together at bottom.  Then stitch pinned seam across bottom.
Step 8:
Zig Zag outside of sewn seam and trim off excess fabric.
Step 9:
Fold 2″x7″ tab into center and fold again.  Stitch down each side of tab for a finished look.
Step 10:
Match up zipper with bottom sewn seam.  Place tab sandwiched in middle with folded center inside bag. Pin in place.
Step 11:
Stitch down both sides of bag where you pinned zipper, seam and tab into place.
Step 12:
Zig zag stitch outside of seams and trim excess fabric.  Repeat on other side.
Step 13:
Mark with chalk 2″ on down side of each of the four corners.
Step 14:
Fold out each corner, lining up 2″ mark you made with center of triangle.  Then draw a line across at 4″ on each corner.
Step 15:
Each corner should look like this.  Then you sew across the 4″ line you made through all the layers on each corner.
Step 16:
Repeat on each corner.  This will create the box shape of bag.
Step 17:
Zig Zag stitch outside each seam and trim off excess corner fabric on each of the four sides.
Step 18:
Trim all lose threads and flip bag right side out.  And you are done!
This makes a fun travel bag, toiletry bag, makeup bag, pencil bag or any other bag you’d like.  Their are sooo many fun fabrics to choose from for a whole new look.  I hope you enjoyed this easy box bag tutorial.
Boxy Travel Pouch Tutorial

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